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Professional Boxing Gym

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Expert Guidance, Dynamic Workouts, and A Supportive Community.

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About Us

CIT Boxing is a world-class boxing gym situated in Hatfield, Pretoria. With a passion for excellence, we provide a dynamic training environment for individuals of all levels. Whether you're seeking to hone your skills, achieve fitness goals, or step into the competitive arena, our experienced trainers and top-notch equipment are here to support your journey. Our insanely dedicated and committed coaching staff are not just instructors; they're mentors who push you to your limits, helping you discover your true boxing potential. At CIT Boxing, we believe in the power of boxing to transform and empower. Join us to experience the thrill of the sport in a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. 


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Superior Coaching

At CIT Boxing, we proudly boast the world's foremost boxing coaches, guiding you towards unparalleled mastery in the ring.

Battle Tested Programmes

With a battle-tested program that has forged champions in South African boxing, CIT Boxing stands as a proven crucible for excellence in the sport.

Competitive Pricing

CIT Boxing offers unbeatable membership pricing, setting a competitive standard that stands unrivaled in the industry.

World Class Facilities

CIT Boxing houses world-class training facilities enriched with premier boxing equipment, ensuring an optimal environment for your boxing journey.

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